Tech Videos

Enduro Bearings are the most durable bearings on the market. However, even durable bearings need occasional service. These technical videos will guide you through the steps required for servicing or installing your Enduro Bearings.


Download Bottom Bracket Matrix Here


How to Install TorqTite BB86/92 using BBT-001 and TorqTite Wrench


How to Install TorqTite PF30 Bottom Bracket using TorqTite wrenches


How to Install TorqTite PF30-24 Bottom Bracket using BRT-001 and TorqTite Wrenches


How to Remove BB30 Bearings using BRT-002 


How to Repair XD15 Bearings



How to Remove BB86 Bottom Bracket using BRT-003 


How to Remove and Install Hub Bearings using BBT-100


How to Remove and Install Outboard Bottom Bracket Bearings using BRT-001


How to Remove Outboard BSA Bottom Bracket Cups using BBT-001


Enduro MAX Type Bearings Explained


How to Repair Jockey Wheels


Understanding Bearing Preload with Shimano Cranks using the BBT-001/B tool


Understanding Bearing Preload with SRAM Cranks and XD-15 Bearings


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