XD-15 Bottom Bracket for BB86/BB92 (press-fit)


The Enduro XD-15 for the BB92 fitment is the best bottom bracket in the world. Okay, that's a bold claim—but in this case, it's positively true. The XD-15 bottom bracket is the only bottom bracket completely manufactured and assembled in the US.

The bearings for the XD-15 are made from nitrogen steel milled from the south of France. This steel uses nitrogen instead of carbon as most steels use. The nitrogen allows for a more homogeneous grain structure. This more consistent grain structure makes the races smoother and longer wearing. As nitrogen steel is inherently stainless, it also offers the highest level of corrosion protection. The nitrogen steel we use in the XD-15 bottom bracket is used in jet turbines of Airbus aircraft. Airbus chose XD-15 as it could handle extremely high loads with minimal friction and also be able to withstand the corrosive de-icing fluid used.

In our BB92 bottom bracket kit, the high-quality Enduro Bearings are housed in Delrin Cups to prevent metal-on-metal noises. The kit includes two cups, two bearings and all of the seals needed for installation. This kit fits all road, mountain and cyclocross frames that use the 'press-fit' BB92 standard.

Shimano, Mega EXO and SRAM GXP compatible.

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