Enduro XD-15 Gets Resounding Approval From BikeRadar April 16 2013

Wow. When you get a review this good you know that you're on to something. Check out what the crew over at BikeRadar thought of our new XD-15 outboard bearing bottom bracket.

"External-type bottom brackets are notorious for having so-so durability, along with often-marginal levels of seal drag. Enduro's XD-15 doesn't just buck the trend – it flat-out obliterates it with an incredibly low-friction feel plus phenomenal all weather toughness. We did everything we could to kill it but this thing is simply incredible."

Note that they actually pulled out the seals and ran it all winter with NO SEALS. We don't recommend that, but the fact that the bearings were still smooth is a testimony to our materials and manufacturing process.

Read the full review on the BikeRadar website.

Or, check out the video below.