TorqTite and T47 Cup Tools


These tools allow you install TorqTite and T47 bottom brackets. They feature a 3/8" drive on the backside for use with a torque wrench or breaker bar. 



  • English and Italian Threaded BBs for 24mm and 30mm spindles (BB1, BSA30, ITA30)
  • TorqTite BBs for 24mm spindle (excluding BB386 to 24mm spindle - which requires the BBT-025)
  • TorqTite BB Right to 24mm Spindle - Drive-side cup only (BBT-025 is needed for non-drive-side cup)
  • T47 BBs for 24mm spindle 


  • TorqTite BBs for 30mm spindle (BB386EVO, BB Right, PF30)
  • TorqTite BB Right to 24mm spindle - Non-drive-side cup only (BBT-015 is needed for drive-side cup)
  • T47 BBs for 30mm spindle 

All Enduro tools are Made in the USA. Each tool may have pre-anodized cosmetic defects. These do not affect the performance of the tool and are not an indication that the tool has been used.

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